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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Bible

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: February 21, 2013

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Bible by Lisa DaNae Dayley and Brad Dayley

Priced £29.99, John Wiley and Sons Ltd


ADOBE Photoshop is an immensely powerful photo editing suite which can create miracles from whatever you feed it.

I consider myself lucky in that I was sent away on many in-depth training days whereby the entire time was spent editing photographs using just a few of Photoshop’s hundreds of tools and applications.

Since my training I have acquired Adobe Photoshop CS5 for my home computer and probably use it two or three times a week.

Yet I’ll hold my hands up and admit that despite in-depth training and having the product on hand for trial and error sessions, I still only know about 10 per cent of this software’s true potential.

Photoshop is complex and complicated but it gets away with this because it is so good.

That’s why you need a reference tool by your side at all times when using the software — there is far too much to remember and as with all good software — there are a dozen ways of achieving the same result.

This book makes using such a complex package easy as every menu option is discussed in detail with visual examples of its purpose and step-by-step instructions on its common usage.

The book is split into chapters for easy referencing and then within each chapter you find smaller sub chapters which help you pinpoint the exact information you need.

For example, chapter 10 is about layers within photographs, and this chapter is then split into 38 smaller chapters — each with a visual example.

Books are far more than just words on a page now and the authors of this ‘bible’ link every example to their website.

Within their website, the authors have left all of the examples used in this book for your inspection.

If you want to take a closer look at how the effects where created or what settings to use, you can find the relevant example on their website and take a look for yourself — on some of the the examples you can even play around a little further to see what result you would achieve if you tweaked the dials a little more.

The centre section of this books sees a change in paper and a change to colour printing.

This centre chapter is a mini results page on common tasks and features.

If you want to know how the end result of changing the colour of a flower from yellow to blue would look, then you can look at a perfect example — in full colour — and then refer back to the relevant chapter pages.

There are many tools within Photoshop whereby you need a visual indication to understand what effect the tool is likely to have on your photograph — for example would you know without looking at an example what the difference is between ‘diffuse glow’, ‘stained glass’ or ‘messotint’?

It’s for this reason that the centre pages are dedicated to well-crafted examples so that you can study the effect and decide if it would work with your photograph.

This isn’t a book you can read cover to cover — this is a book which you will use on a regular basis for a specific project while you have Photoshop open on your computer.

By following the instructions in this book to the letter, you can create some amazing results and slowly but surely will master the art of Photoshop.

A well recommended reference book.

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