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Second walker injured by cows on same day Peter Jakeman was killed

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: May 20, 2014

Ashbourne cows injured second walker on same day

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JUST a few hours after a holiday-maker was trampled to death by a herd of cows a second walker was attacked in a neighbouring field, the News Telegraph can exclusively reveal.

Peter Jakeman, 62, from Cornwall died in hospital after he was caught up in a "stampede" of cows in a field off the Leek Road in Upper Mayfield on Wednesday morning and later that day Robert Tatler, 68, from Idridgehay, was also hospitalised in what he says was an unprovoked attack in a nearby field on the Okeover Estate.

In both instances the walkers were accompanied by two dogs, Mr Jakeman had two cocker spaniels and Mr Tatler had two labradors but Mr Tatler, who is now at home recovering from stomach injuries, had let the dogs loose and he insists the cows were targeting him.

He said: "I didn't have the dogs on the lead because I know cattle can be dangerous and I was about a quarter of the way into the field when all of a sudden I heard a great noise.

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"They were circling me, a group of them and the next thing I knew a black cow absolutely went for me. There was no other way of describing it, it was attacking me.

"It knocked me down and I was winded but I knew I had to get up on my feet and I got to the edge of the field but when I was about three quarters of the way over the field they circled me again.

"Again, the attack was led by a black cow and I was bashed about quite a bit, and fell to the floor again.

"This time I couldn't stand up, I was really winded and couldn't put weight on my right leg.

"Luckily a game keeper from the Okeover Estate spotted me and saw I was in trouble and rushed over in his pick-up - he scared the cows off and when I felt well enough to stand up he gave me a lift back to Ilam Hall where my car was parked."

At first, Mr Tatler drove home and says he "didn't feel too bad" but a visit to his GP revealed his blood pressure was high. Later that day his stomach was becoming painful and swollen so he was taken to the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary by his son where he was kept in until Sunday lunch time because doctors were concerned he might have been bleeding internally.

He said: "I only heard about the man that had died earlier that day when I was in hospital and a nurse came to talk to me about it.

"I've got no complaints about the estate, they were very helpful and I realise it's not their responsibility and I'm not unforgiving about the cows but I do worry that it could happen again while they're still in the field.

"I think they shouldn't be in a field where there's a footpath or there should at least be a sign up to warn people they're dangerous cattle. It's not as if the dogs were bothering them at all, it was me they went for.

"I'd imagine they were being protective but I'm just concerned that it wasn't one attack, I was attacked twice and they came at me out of nowhere - it's not as if I was walking towards them."

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