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Ashbourne vets, McMurtry and Harding, reflect on their move from Market Place

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: August 31, 2014

Ashbourne vets, McMurtry and Harding, reflect on their move from Market Place

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Good news – I will not be getting divorced this week!

How do I know this? Well, in part I know this because I am happily married and I think Natalie agrees. Also though, it is said that divorce and moving house are the two most stressful things one ever does, and this is the week that McMurtry and Harding are moving house. There is no way that I am doing two things that stressful in the same week.

There are some similarities in the moving away from a “house” in which the business has lived for so long and what it may feel like at the end of a marriage.

On the one hand we can’t wait to get away. It is exciting, there are great new challenges and opportunities which await us, and the grass is not just greener – there is no grass at all where we are now but acres of it where we are going. It is something about which we have barely dared to dream for a long time, shackled as we have been in our marriage to Market Place and now the dream is becoming a reality with knee trembling anticipation.

There is (nearly) always another hand though, and in this case the other hand is the familiarity and love we all have for the relationship with Market Place. The comfort of knowing just where everything is, the little foibles of the surgery – the light switches with no geographical relationship to the light it controls; the water heater that is designed to either scald or freeze in equal measure; the cupboard that needs a box putting in it whenever it rains to catch the leaky roof. All of these things and more form the relationship between the two parties in the marriage of McMurtry and Harding and Market Place. Also the history of knowing that those of us here now are but one link in the continuous chain of veterinary activity on the site since 1796. The responsibility that has placed on all of us to help maintain the name of the practice and its reputation – the pride in our family if I can stretch the analogy that far.

So, this divorce is taking place not in the courts with arguments over the children, but more in a peaceful fashion which recognises that we have had a wonderful time together, and whenever we see each other in the future it will be with fond memories of shared experiences. The relate counsellor however have also helped us to realise that we have too many differences to reconcile. 34 Market Place doesn’t like the number of cars we try to park in its yard. It has grown weary of us adding people to the building and frequently groans at the imposition. For our part we have tired of the maze of corridors and of bashing elbows whenever we try to sit down. In short, both McMurtry and Harding and 34 Market Place have come to the realisation that our futures look brighter apart, so all that remains is for us to thank each other for our kindness over the years and look forward to the new challenges of our future, separate lives.

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