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Bamber's Back! Bamboozle Returns with New Online Outing

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: November 07, 2013

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If like me you spent the majority of your pre-teen years whiling the hours away on Teletext (yes, I was pretty cool), you too will have been upset to see its demise in 2009.

The biggest loss? Bamboozle of course. For the uninitiated, Bamboozle was a daily quiz (with a kids’ version at the weekends) hosted on Teletext with colour coded multiple choice trivia questions. Quizmaster Bamber Bamboozle hosted the quiz’s tricky teasers, stumping users daily from 1993 to 2009.

What a joy it is to hear then, that the popular quiz has now found a new home online – even more so when you learn that Teletext’s Holidays’ resurrection of the game is loyal to the original format. No flashy graphics – every detail has remained exactly the same as they were when we last saw Bamber four years ago. Except users can now share their scores with their friends on Facebook and Twitter and challenge them to duels.

Fresh from a worldwide tour he enjoyed during his hiatus from British TV sets, Bamber has now returned to the hotseat to ask questions that draw on his experiences of world travel and culture.

Speaking of his plans for the next few months, Bamber Boozler said: "I loved being in the hotseat each and every day for 16 years in a row, and when it came to an end, I felt like I'd missed out on the chance to see the world. When you work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I guess you don't really have the time to consider how many things you've not had the chance to experience.

"My wife Bambette and I left Buster and Bonnie with my sister-in-law so they could finish their studies, while we travelled the world. The problem was, everywhere I looked, I saw new facts… new questions. Everything was interesting, and I knew the British public were missing out. I want them to see what I saw; coming back to chair the quiz once again seemed more attractive by the day.

"Buster's now on a gap year in South America, Bonnie just got onto her BA in Quizology at Cambridge and my wonderful wife Bambette is at home finally taking advantage of simple peace and quiet for the first time since we had the twins. There seems like no better time to get people to don their thinking caps once again!"

Incredible. You can have a go at Bamboozle and relive the 90s here.

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