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Listen carefully, you might just hear wedding bells

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: April 06, 2011

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SO what's happened in the time since my last blog? Well rather a lot actually.

I'm going to be an uncle, my mother's moving house, I've had a new car, Lizzy's got a great new job and - most importantly - I'm getting married this year.

We decided we were going to take the plunge in July 2011 long before Will and Kate set a date, I must add, it was actually something discussed and agreed upon moments after we got engaged.

It wasn't always going to happen though. If it wasn't for some extremely generous offers of help from family members we'd not have bothered this year and waited until we were out-shined by the olympics in 2012.

Lizzy's job - or lack of one - has dominated the last six months. Back in June last year I happily reported that Lizzy had quit her job and would soon be seeking gainful employment much closer to home than her last job, in York.

 That didn't go according to plan. Thanks to a phenomenon Gordon Brown invented called the "recession" more or less every company in Ashbourne ran out of money and stopped hiring people, including Lizzy.

After the summer, when Lizzy's wage from her school finally dried up, it was a rather frightening few months of no income from her side but countless job applications and interviews.

Then, literally days before she accepted what we thought was the inevitable and trundled through the door of Tesco ready to beg for employment, she got an offer.

It wasn't ideal, or so we thought, and it meant stomaching an £8,000 annual paycut but a call-centre operated by global logistics firm TNT was to be her new daily grind.

Remarkably, it's a very good job. TNT, it transpires, is a fantastic firm to work for and Lizzy has made a few steps up the hirearchical ladder already so she's progressing well and, importanly, enjoying it.

Fundamentally though she's not having to face the prospect of travelling back to York, still exhausted, at the end of her weekend, having only had 42 hours in her house.

The thought of beginning our married life 90-odd miles and two hours apart five days a week didn't make it as appealing as it perhaps should have been so we're thrilled with our new life.

It's cost us thousands to make the move, the savings - and therefore the wedding fund - has taken a massive dent but it was a gamble that paid off.

Dis-regarding the difference in salary now, moving Lizzy out of York has cost well in excess of £2,000 but, we both agree, that if someone had given us the opportunity to pay that amount to switch jobs we would have delved into our wallets straight away.

The house? It needs a good clean, as always, and the weeds are shooting through like there's no tomorrow now the sun's beginning to shine but there's only been one major horror in the last few months.

We noticed a while ago our cute port-hole window on the stairway was becoming damp around the same time we noticed our gutter was sagging on the back of the house and I called a handy-man friend out to investigate.

It turned out our fascia board running along the base of the roof had rotted away quite badly and taken a layer of felt with it.

The guttering was knackered, the tiles were loose, the fascia was a write-off and the bill to fix it was £650. Another big kick in the wallet. I blame the starlings, by the way.

Shortly before that my lovely new car decided it was going to add to my worries when its fancy automatic gearbox imploded all of a sudden.

A trip to a specialist in Mansfield sorted the problem but made my pocket an eye-watering £1,700 lighter.

It's amazing, really, that we're looking to get married at all this year, given the financial pasting we've had of late but we're immensely happy together and we're determined.

We know we can produce a memorable day for very little cash and we're enjoying the challenge of controlling a tight budget without scrimping on the odd little luxury.

All's quiet with the house at the moment - thank goodness - so I'll keep you posted on the wedding organisation in future blogs. They might not take me as long to write next time.

But I've said that before, haven't I? Watch this space.

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  • Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  April 20 2011, 4:35PM

    Thanks Lynn. I've broadly copied my review text into the Amazon review box. Hope that's OK, I'm a bit short on time today. Why not follow me on Twitter? @Ashbournenews - I'll look out for you...

  • Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  April 20 2011, 4:19PM

    Gareth you have done a lovely review of my book in the Burton Mail (Catching the Chameleon), it would be great if you could take a moment to add the comments on Amazon - would you do that for me? I have been tweeting about it!

  • Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  April 08 2011, 10:21AM

    Hi there. Thanks for the comment. Shame I've missed the boat, if there's anything I can help with in the future let me know.

  • Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  April 07 2011, 9:12PM

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. I have started monitoring Bridal related blogs in relation to a bridal website I hope to launch soon. One of the features of my site will be several daily/weekly blogs following the exploits and adventure of newly engaged couples. After reading yours I am sorry my site is not already up in that this would be an entirely different post asking if you would be willing to take part. Alas, by the time my site launches I am certain you will have been wed. I look forward to reading more. Best, Frank, Bridaltap