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Living with Britain's cheapest car: Day Three

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: October 20, 2013

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HERE'S a funny thing I've noticed today. The Dacia Sandero's now covered more than 200 miles but the digital fuel gauge has only just dropped two of its bars.

In fact, the second bar only vanished when I went around a right-hander a bit enthusiastically - and I'd just passed the 200-mile mark at that point. So that's 200 miles on a single bar of fuel.

This means one of three things: It's ridiculously economical; it's got a petrol tank the size of an Olympic swimming pool; it's got a slightly rubbish fuel gauge. I'm putting money on the latter.

Dacia predicts its 1.2 model will do 47.9mpg, which is nothing special these days. I've also currently got no way of checking how well it's doing for fuel economy as there's no trip computer and I've got no idea how much petrol is in there. Hence why I'm guessing it's got an arbitary fuel gauge.

Anyway, today I've been doing a bit of running around with some friends. See the picture of my wife (left) and my mate's other half (right) enjoying the space in the back seats. Apparently legroom is acceptable, it's fairly comfortable despite the lack of rear headrests and there should just about be space for a third adult - who will also get a three-point seatbelt.

However my wife tells me - and she's now sat in the front and the back - that the suspension is even more bouncy in the back. It's odd the way the Sandero rides. On bumpy British roads it's actually quite comfortable but the suspension seems completely inadequate on speed bumps, which makes it crash about. And then there's the body roll. Something's not right about the suspension but I'm not sure what it is.

Nevertheless, I've still not found anything fundamental to moan about. It's a bit of a cheap shot not to give it any mirrors in either sun visor and we noticed today that there's no handles above the windows for passengers. Minor thing, but another extreme cost-cutting measure.

Another stupid cost-cutting measure I noticed today is that the £250 Kenwood stereo - which I still don't like and I promise I'll stop moaning about soon - has Bluetooth and actually connects a telephone call rather well, but doesn't have a microphone. How stupid.

It's time to go back to work tomorrow and introduce the Sandero to my weekly commute. See how it gets on with the daily grind.

It's performed well on the motorways and Yorkshire B roads so I'm expecting it to keep up the good work. I'll let you know.

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