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Record your favourite radio Shows

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: September 13, 2013

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I’M STILL not entirely sure where it fits in, but apparently digital radio is the future.

There are more and more channels and stations taking to the digital airwaves and, one day, we will see the demise of good old analogue radio so, as we prepare to embrace this slow-burning technology, it’s good to know there are firms developing the technology to ensure we will be making the most of it.

Take the Kaos PDR1 portable digital radio, for example.

There are plenty of radios that you can carry around with and more than enough with DAB Radio functionality, but the PDR1 has the capability of recording programmes.

It does this by converting the live audio into the widely used MP3 format and then storing it on a memory card, which you insert into the device. It’ll accept either TF cards or, the more widely used, micro SD cards.

Just like your MP3 player you can also hook it up via USB cable (the same supplied cable you’d use to charge it) to transfer files from your computer to the device.

What this means, just to cut through a little bit of my jargon, if you think you are going to miss the football or won’t catch the end of The Archers, you can record it. Exactly as you do with recordable freeview sets for the TV.

It’s simple to use, the instructions are clear and the unit is light and small, so it’s a doddle to carry round.

The radio won’t wok unless the headphones are plugged in but it comes with a good set supplied and sound quality is perfectly acceptable.

The battery life is good and the screen is clear. In fact, it’s fairly difficult to fault it because it does exactly what it’s supposed to and it’s a clever idea to enhance what would otherwise be a run-of-the-mill personal digital radio.

The best bet though, for me at least, is that it will also receive the ‘old fashioned’ FM Radio signals.

If you’re a DAB Radio fan, you’ll love the PDR1. I’m not a DAB fan, but I love it anyway. And that says it all.

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