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Rewriting Egypt's pyramid theories

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: September 19, 2012

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AN ASHBOURNE businessman has left some of the world’s best Egyptologists scratching their heads after attempting to re-write the theory on how the Pyramids were built.

Construction expert Chris Massey first saw the pyramids on a family holiday to Egypt and, after being told the traditional theory of how thousands of men hauled the huge stones along to build the structure, he became convinced there was a simpler way.

His ideas became an obsession, and his theory has been explained in his newly-launched book; The Pyramids of Egypt — how were they really built? Which many experts believe could describe a much more plausible method of construction.

Mr Massey, who has worked in the construction industry all his life and is managing director of Bradley-based Beresford’s Flooring, believes the Egyptian workers used water, instead of rolling logs, to move the huge stone blocks into place while building each of the pyramids.

Although the exact construction method remains a mystery, many Egyptologists have accepted a theory that thousands of workers were used transported the huge stones — which weighed several tonnes — but Mr Massey thinks the process was made a lot simpler and much less labour-intensive by tapping into the abundant resource of the River Nile.

In his book he suggests that animal skins were inflated and strapped to the blocks, which were floated along the river and then along canal-like channels to the construction site.

Once the blocks had made it to the base of the structure, they were floated up a huge shaft, using lock gates to regulate the flow, and differing air pressure then pushed the floating blocks up to the top.

His theory is also explained on a series of Youtube videos, which have already been seen by thousands of people and his book, published in hardback, is available for a discounted price of £9.99 in Ashbourne Book Shop, Dig Street.

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