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Suarez needed a little puppy love

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: July 03, 2014

James Russell

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WHEN buying a new puppy, there are lots of things to consider – microchipping (compulsory from April 2016), vaccinating (worthwhile, important and necessary for kennel trips or travelling abroad), worming, de-fleaing, feeding – and above all, socialising.

By socialising your puppy early, and praising good behaviour you will raise a dog that can be confident in social groups of their own species, and among humans.

Similarly, a well socialised child is also more likely to continue to develop into a socially adept adult.

You can see that a well socialised puppy will enjoy a better life – because they are more confident, you can be more confident in them and let them interact with more people.

It is also true that, by positive behaviour reinforcement, you can help prevent them ever biting Italians on the shoulder.

Remember that with your dog, the best form of discipline is to stop playing with your puppy from an early age when they are not behaving – they hate feeling that their play has ended because they did something wrong.

Will stopping Luis Suarez playing stop him biting people? It remains to be seen, but it may be 20 years too late to change his behaviour!

By following this simple model of encouraging them when they behave well, and walking away from the game when they don't behave well you too can have a puppy which will neither bite nor sulk!

If only somebody had told Mr and Mrs Suarez to take little Luis to a puppy party as a kid, I wonder how different things would be now.

Might it even have been that there was a Uruguayan Gary Lineker in the making?

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