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TK Maxx teams up with Nicki Waterman to discover how to stay focused and make the most of your workouts

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: January 15, 2014

Nicki Waterman

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JANUARY may be the time for new resolutions, fresh starts and setting fitness goals, but we all know it can be tricky staying on the right track.

One of the most important things is to make sure you have the right outfit to work out in and there are dozens of high street and online stores offering big discounts at this time of year.

Leading ‘off-price’ retailer TK Maxx has a huge choice of new and different fitness clothing and accessories in store and online at tkmaxx.com

With fresh new deliveries daily and new items arriving every week throughout January, there’s never been a better time to get active.

To help you make the most of your New Year fitness resolutions, TK Maxx has teamed up with celebrity fitness expert Nicki Waterman to discover her Top 10 Tips on how to stay focused and make the most of your workouts.

1. You won’t get killer abs by doing crunches. Getting a six-pack is a result of doing exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups and squats. These moves are a fantastic abs workout because they really engage your core and build the muscles that burn fat around your belly.

2. Long, boring workouts aren’t the best way to lose weight. How long you work out isn’t as important as how strong you work out. You can get great results from a short (10 to 20-minute) high-intensity workout, making it easy to fit exercise into your busy schedule.

3. A lot of women don’t want to start a weight-training programme because they’re afraid to bulk up. But you can’t get a toned and tight body without lifting weights. Resistance training adds much-needed muscle to speed up your metabolism. For the best results, focus on working the biggest muscle groups—chest, back, bottom and legs.

4. Don’t let food labels fool you. Many fat-free foods are actually loaded with sugar. And too much sugar is often the real reason people gain weight. More importantly, your brain doesn’t work as well when you eat a lot of sugar. Sweets, biscuits and soda aren’t the only problem. Sugar is in virtually every food you eat.

5. Classify the food you eat as good (veggies, fruit, lean meats), bad (starches, bread), and ugly (dessert, alcohol). Fill up on the good first and then move on to the other foods.

6. You’ll burn more calories if you exercise outside in the cold, since your body works to maintain a stable temperature. Your body uses up to 25 per cent more calories as it tries to warm your skin and the air your breathe in.

7. Get skipping. It’s cheap, it’s fun and it really blasts calories – about the same as running at 7.5 miles an hour – plus you can take a skipping rope anywhere. Skip for just 10 minutes and you’ve burned more than 100 calories.

8. A pre-workout coffee will not only help to boost performance – research in the International Journal Of Sports Nutrition has shown that it can boost fat burning by up to 30 per cent too, and increase the amount of calories you will burn after exercise.

9. Changing your workout music is just one of many simple ways to stay motivated. Plus, studies show that listening to music during your workout can help you work harder and fight fatigue. So download some upbeat music on to your iPod or mp3 player.

10. Want fab abs? I make all my clients wear string round their waists when exercising. If tummy muscles slack off, the tightening string reminds them to pull them in!

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