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Wireless way of boosting memory space on devices

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: February 09, 2013

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THERE are now an estimated 10 million plus ‘smart’ phones and tablets in use in the UK – far more than just telephones, they are capable of much more such as playing videos and music, taking photographs and for some, functioning as media centres in their own right.

With these abilities, comes an insatiable demand for storage memory and while 16 GB of internal storage initially sounds a lot, add a few high quality videos, several hundred songs, a stack of photographs and that soon diminishes.

More phones are now designed as unibody designs, which have no memory card slots to increase storage potential.

This leaves many SmartPhone users with a real problem as to how they carry around with them the copious amount of data they may wish to access once the internal memory is full.

Kingston Technology, famous for making memory for computers has solved this problem with its ‘Wi-Drive’, a phone-sized portable storage device which transfers data to and from your phone or tablet using Wi-Fi.

Available in 32 or 64Gb capacities, it will significantly increase the amount of data you can easily carry around with you.

In use, content is initially loaded onto the Wi-Drive using a micro-USB connection and then a connection is made between the unit and your phone or tablet using standard security.

Apps are available for Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and also Android devices and the Wi-Drive will accept any file type, though playback is limited to what the connected device is capable of. Expected continuous battery life is around four hours.

The Wi-Drive will also function in ‘bridged’ mode, where it will connect via Wi-Fi to your device and also allow internet access to your router while still being able to access the stored content in it.

While it is intended that you load media to the Wi-Drive via the supplied USB cable, with a little configuration, it is also possible to send data to it wirelessly from a computer, so it could for instance remain downstairs in a coat pocket while data is sent to it from an upstairs computer. This is a really useful ability, though doing so will obviously not charge the battery as when connected via cable.

What I’d like to see on this Wi-Drive is longer battery life (though this would probably mean a larger unit to accommodate a larger capacity battery) and also a protective rubber case for it, as being made of plastic, it would not stand a drop onto a hard floor.

Overall an extremely useful device, now put to regular use by myself.

For more information visit 

32GB RRP £50

64GB RRP £85

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