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This iPhone lens leaves a lasting impression

By Ashbourne News Telegraph  |  Posted: March 01, 2013

  • 25/02/13 iphone Fisheye review - Ashbourne Olloclip fisheye lens for iphone

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Olloclip 3-in-1 Photo lens

iPhone 4/4S version, priced £59.99iPhone 5 version, priced £69.99



I HAVE always been impressed with the camera on the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It’s easy to use, has a choice of focusing points and takes relatively good photographs in all light levels.

There are many apps you can buy to help adjust and improve your photographs but these apps can only mess around with the pixels within the digital image. The result may look ok on your small phone screen but the truth is, these apps are the same as using a digital zoom on a camera — they manipulate pixels creating a grainy and often inferior photo.

That’s why professional photographers carry vast numbers of lenses with them. They don’t rely on digital trickery, they manipulate the image before it is taken using glass lenses — providing a crisp result with no loss of quality.

At last, you can now do this with your iPhone thanks to this clever invention from Olloclip.

The device I tested is designed for an iPhone 5 but I had equally impressive results using it with my iPod touch.

The unit is a three in one lens kit which sits snugly over the corner of your phone and over the camera lens. If you do decide to try this device with something thinner than an iPhone 5 — say an iPod Touch, you will have to hold the lens in place.

Each side of the unit features a lens complete with protective lens cap.

You can have the wide angle shot, the creative fish-eye lens shot or by removing the wide angle lens, you can have a macro lens for detailed close-up work.

With the unit snugly fitting over the iPhone’s lens, all you have to do is use your camera in the same way as you would normally — but the results are phenomenal.

The wide angle lens allows you to shoot much more than you can normally with the phone’s built-in lens.

And in the right environment — outdoor landscape shots are good — the fish-eye lens adds that extra level of creativity to your photos without the need for digital manipulation.

And by unscrewing the wide angle lens, you reveal the macro lens which is impressive when shooting very close-up subjects.

The best way of demonstrating the effectiveness of the lens is to show off some sample photographs.

In this example (right) we took the image firstly with the normal phone lens, then with the wide angle lens to illustrate the extra depth of field, and then the creative fish-eye lens.

Admittedly this is more expensive than an app but the quality speaks volumes. Superb product.


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